Creative Multi Media Studio based OUT OF CARITHIA | AuSTRIA & GERMANY

The Storytellerin

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a video can do. Discover my way of storytelling. The love of collecting moments, freeze them and replay in a special way… 

Who am i?

Numbers. dates and facts of my vitae can’t say ,who I am’. I’m a woman who made her dreams came true by doing the job I love the most. I’ve passion for every project I accept. – So that ,fact’ gives you the warranty, if I accept your project – I really do it with all my passion. It also means I deal with the topic. 

you need Facts ?

[2014-2017] I’ve studied MultiMediaArts and Design in Salzburg / Austria.
[JUNE 2017] Bachelor of Arts and Design
[2018] Founding year of ,The Storytellerin’ in Austria
[2020] Founding year of ,The Storytellerin’ in Germany

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